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Cambridgeshire Bar Refurbishment.

Mark Hazell Decoration and Design. Refurbishment of Cambridgeshire pub and restaurant.

Full refurbishment of interior and exterior of Cambridgeshire pub and restaurant.

Painting & decorating to interior and exterior, wallpapering to interior walls with metallic finish luxury wall hangings. High quality finishes to wood surfaces in bar area, flooring and dancefloor surround. Painting, wallpapering, wood treatments, staining and varnishing. Wood flooring and bar/drinking areas completed to high quality, hardwearing finish.

The project included the decoration of two upstairs living areas, two seperate apartments, the bar area, restaurant/dining areas, the dancefloor and the entrance and external face of the building. A full refurbishment of all interior and exterior areas of this popular bar/restaurant completed in just two and a half weeks, finishing ahead of schedule and allowing the bar to be open to the public again after only 2 weekends.

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Priory Bar, Cambridgeshire. Before and During Refurbishment Work.

Pub Bar Before Refurbishment and Varnishing Pub Exterior Before Painting Pub Bar Before Refurbishment and Varnishing Dance Floor and Restaurant Setting Area Before Refurbishment Bar Area Before Flooring and Full Refurbishment